Wafood Made Sake Lees Rinse Pack 170g , ,

“The sake-brewing mistress, have the youthful hand” is the Japanese saying from ancient times to the present. It means that the sake lees produced during the Sake brewing process have amazing skin care effects, which makes elder lady’s hands tender and young! PDC thus developed the mask pack with the sake lees essences, rice bran extracts, cucumber extracts, and grapefruit seed extracts to provide deep hydration, brightening and fining pores effects. The “delicious” wafood are transformed into beauty care ingredients, and helps you to restore smooth and radiant skin!

Product Features:
Moisturizing and nourishing: The Sake lees essence is made with the rice called“Autumn Color”grown in Kyushu, Japan, and the natural spring water, which can deeply nourishes the skin and locks in water for a long time.
Brightening: Rich in nutrients and moisture to improve the rough skin, remove aging skin and melanin, make the skin smoother and radiant.
Lovely and unique packaging: The Package design is very interesting, with stunning skin care effects, had soon become a popular skin care item on the Internet!

How to use
After cleansing, lightly wipe the face with a towel, apply a proper amount of mask evenly over the entire face, avoid the eyes area, wait for 5-10 minutes, and rinse off with warm water. It is recommended to use 2-3 times a week.


Raw materials and ingredients
Water, propanediol, cetyl ethylhexanoate, glycerin, triethylhexanoin, hydrogenated rapeseed oil alcohol, glyceryl stearate (SE), polysorbate 60, sake koji extract, Aspergillus / rice fermented extract, hydrolyzed yeast extract, cucumber fruit extract, Saccharomyces / comemnucus fermented liquid extract, yuzu seed extract, tururuishi fruit extract, isomerized sugar, crystalline cellulose, oxybenzone-4, arginine, stearic acid, BG, ethanol, sodium acrylate grafted starch, ammonium polyacrylate, dimethicone, titanium oxide Al hydroxide, caramel, carbomer, citric acid, phenoxyethanol, methyl paraben, perfume

What is Sake?
A by-product of making sake. It is rich in arbutin and free linoleic acid and is said to be good for skin as well as for eating, and it has long been said that the hands of Mr. Sakai (Sake artisan) who handles sake lees are beautiful.
What is a tank squeezing method?
Traditional manufacturing methods passed down from ancient times. It is characterized by the fact that it has a unique, highly fermented sake lees in order to lay down the sake rice in a cloth bag and gently squeeze it with its own weight and a little pressure.

Sake bottle pack easily in a short time
It’s a hot drink pack for television, magazines and blogs, but if you want to make it at home you have to use a mixer or blender, and it’s also very difficult to prepare and tidy up. If you have a food-made product, you can easily enjoy the Liquor Pack just by putting it on your skin.
Smooth skin with a wash-off pack containing the original sake lees extract
A rinse pack containing a rich nutritious extract of sake lees. By continuing to use it 2-3 times a week, it will wash away old keratin containing melanin and lead it to a white skin with a sense of transparency. Wa Food Maid is blended with the original sake lees extract extracted from the sake lees of Kawazu Shuzo, Kumamoto Prefecture. The domestic rice is milled mainly on sake rice of Aso, and the extract of sake lees that is squeezed gently in the traditional tank squeezing method using Aso spring water and Kumamoto yeast (Association yeast 9) is used.