Wafood Made Facial Sheet Mask 10 sheets , ,

Mottled clear skin ※ 1! An extra-thick sheet mask made of a carefully selected sake lees extract * 2. ※ It is skin with a sense of transparency 1 ※ 2 moisturizing ingredients


A sheet mask that allows you to enjoy a full-fledged sake bowl beauty method easily and easily
Contains the original sake lees extract extracted from the sake lees of Kawazu Shuzo, Kumamoto Prefecture.
It is engulfed by the moisture of sake lees ※ 3 and leads to dusty clear skin ※ 1.
● Beautiful skin support (cosmetic moisturizing) ingredient … cucumber fruit extract ・ rice ceramide ※ 4 ・ yuzu seed extract
01. A sheet mask that allows you to enjoy the sake cup beauty method more easily
Sake bowl is a by-product of making sake. It has been said that “the hands of Mr. Sake (sake craftsman) who handles sake lees are beautiful” has long been used, and the sake lees pack beauty method of washout has spread. We made a sheet mask made of sake lees extract * 2 to make it easy to enjoy the sake lees beauty method more easily.
Even a sheet mask that contains the original sake lees extract * 2 is perfectly clear skin * 1
02. Kumamoto Prefecture It uses the sake lees extract derived from the sake lees of Kawazu Shuzo.
It is sake lees of sake which we made natural soda spring water and sake rice of Aso as raw materials and stuck to old-fashioned confectionery method.
This method of gently squeezing features a lot of water. The extract gives the skin a feeling of moisture and transparency, leading to dusty clear skin.
03. Extra-thick sheet mask holding beauty liquid on the floor
It is a thick, good-feeling 3-layer sheet that holds plenty of moisture, and the essence penetrates into the back of the skin (corner layer).
Even the eyes and the mouth to be worried about wrap tightly.
04. Skin care support (cosmetic moisturizing) ingredient combination
Formulated with plant extracts extracted from carefully selected ingredients. Delivers moisture to your skin.