Unicharm – Silcot Sponge Touch Moisturizing Cotton Pad1/2 Cotton pad 40 pieces , ,

The texture of these cotton pads are so soft and feels nice against the skin; makes toners last longer because of the way these were made。


If you want lotion to penetrate the skin without waste.
Makes skin amazingly moist with 50% less lotion.
Advantage 1:

Amazingly moist with 50% less lotion.
Gives out more than twice as much lotion as silcot.
Very little lotion stays in the puff.
Advantage 2:

Soft and no-fuzz patting, peeling or using as a face pack.
Moist sponge material for the puff.
Advantage 3:

Separate into two sheets and attach firmly to the eye areas.
Use for face pack by separating a puff into two sheets.
Curved design easily fits the contour of the eye area.
Advantage 4:

Fluorescent brightening agents are not used.
Cotton size: 70mm x 58mm