Santen beauteye eyedrop ,

Sante Beauteye Anti-aging Rejuvenating Rose Scent Eye Drops Made in Japan 12ml


Product Description
Sainte-Bautier is an eye-dropper for those seeking a clear, clear eye for a long time. Our eyes are exposed to various kinds of stress every day, such as ultraviolet rays and exhaust gases in our modern living environment, lack of sleep and biased diet. Such effects may accumulate and lead to discomfort in the eyes.
Sainte Beautier has taurine, which promotes eye turnover (metabolism) to heal tiredness and approaches healthy eyes without congestion, chondroitin sulfate sodium ester, which protects and moistens the cornea, and fatigue of muscles in the eyes. * Contains up to 5 ingredients including red vitamin B12 to heal.
※ Maximum concentration combination of general purpose ophthalmic drug manufacturing and marketing approval
12 mL capacity