Paula POLA White Shot Inner Lock Tablet IXS Cases-White-Rubber, 180 Grain , , ,

Attention is paid to the original force with human medicated whitening cosmetics “White Shot”. Continued research since whitening was born in 1998, we discovered a new mechanism. Uniform distribution of melanin that cause stains, suppress the melanin is produced in excess of the “Alive clear function”. And the unwanted melanin was digested, their skin is gradually whitening “self-clear function”. In two approaches to produce a white and containment black, facing to the cause of the stains from a variety of angles, it has continued to further evolution.


Product Introduction
White Shot in tablet form. Produced by combining Pola’s original ingredients, Brancnor® EX and Melon GliSODin, in a well-balanced manner.
It is a beauty supplement that works from the inside out.
Patented Health Food (Patent No.4392114)
A roughly 3-month supply (2 tablets per day)

Winner of a 2013 “Best Cosmetics Award” in the whitening supplements category.
Pola’s original blend of Brancnor® and other active ingredients brings out the power of your inner beauty and gives you bright, naturally strong and beautiful skin.

1, Contains “Melon Grisodin” that is extracted from scratch-resistant melon.

“Melon Grisodin” is a component extracted from a scarce melon that was born in the Avignon region of southern France after carrying out breed improvements several times by natural mating in the purpose of developing a long-lasting melon. It contains 7-8 times more antioxidant enzymes compared to normal melons, and is scratch resistant and keeps for a long time. This excellent power of the melon has received a lot of attention around the world.

2, Pola original component has been evolved. Contains Brannol (R) EX

Brannol ®has evolved into Brannol ®EX that has high solubility in water. Brannol® is a component that was discovered from duramen of trees that grow densely from the mid-southern parts of India to Sri Lanka. These trees grow under a harsh environmental condition with exposure to sunlight in India and known as “a plant that symbolizes a life force”.
※ Brannol is a registered trademark of Paula.

Amount of use per day 2 tablets (580 mg)
Energy 2.5kcal
Protein 0.0041g
Lipid 0.053g
Carbohydrate 0.5g
Sodium 0-1mg
Vitamin C 45mg
Vitamin E 4.5mg

Pola White Shot Inner Lock IX contains wheat, ingredients derived from oranges as part of raw materials.
Do not take this product if you are allergic to some foods.
Also, this product may not agree with you depending on your constitution or physical condition. In such case please stop taking this product.

Product Use
Take 2 tablets once a day with water

Materials / Ingredients
Indian citrus extract, reduced maltose syrup, powdered syrup, peach flower extract, vitamin E containing vegetable oil, dextrin, melon extract, crystalline cellulose, vitamin C, cyclodextrin, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, calcium stearate, paste (carboxymethylcellulose calcium, Pullulan), finely divided silicon dioxide, modified starch, coloring agent (titanium dioxide, gardenia), hesperidin, glycerin fatty acid ester, hyaluronic acid, carnauba wax (including wheat and some ingredients derived from oranges as raw materials)

Nutritional Information
■ Nutritional information indication [per 2 grains (580 mg)]
Energy 2.5 kcal
Protein 0.0041 g
0.053 g of lipid
Carbohydrate 0.5 g
Sodium 0 to 1 mg
Vitamin C 45 mg
Vitamin E 4.5 mg