Megurizumu Steam Thermal Sheet for Inner Surface of Underwear 5 pieces


Product introduction
A medical device that is applied to the inner side of underwear and warms the belly and waist. The warm temperature of the steam makes it warm and deep, improving blood circulation in the affected area and relieving pain and stiffness. A comfortable temperature of about 40 ° C lasts 5 to 8 hours. Steam that is gentle on the skin. Do not wet clothing. There is no odor, so it’s easy to use even when you’re out. When applied to the stomach, it stimulates gastrointestinal function. Optimized for women’s belly and waist. It is gentle to delicate skin with soft mesh. ● Effective effect: Thermal effect
Usage notes
● Do not cut the sheet, slump or deform it forcibly ● Do not use a damaged sheet ● Can not reuse a sheet that has finished heating ● Do not heat with a microwave ● Use the area rules to keep it cool ● Keep out of reach of infants, people with dementia, etc. ● Store away from direct sunlight or high temperatures, heat sources (Kokotsu, etc. on personal computers)