Mandom -Bifesta Cleansing Sheet 46 Sheets-PURPLE , , ,


Adds more luster and suppleness to skin
– Supple skin type –

Containing enriching and moisturizing ingredients that make your skin supple with a good luster.

Containing moisturizing/cleansing ingredients

Containing coenzyme Q10 (moisturizer)*1
Containing ceramide-like ingredient (moisturizer) *2
*1 Ubiquinone
*2 (Glycerylamidoethyl methacrylate/stearyl methacrylate) copolymer


A single sheet of Cleansing Sheet for everything
from makeup removal to skin care!

A generously moistened sheet thoroughly and completely removes makeup,
with no need for rinsing. You can go straight to bed afterward!

Thorough makeup removal with just one sheet!

Large enough (150 mm x 200 mm or approx. 5.9 in. x 7.8 in.) for full-face coverage
Containing about 5.9 ml of cleansing water per sheet Soft and gentle on skin
Friction-reduced formula for skin

Removes makeup and dullness*
to make your skin translucent and moisturized!
*Dead skin cells

Two types of skin lotion-derived moisturizing/cleansing ingredients quickly “float”
and envelop oil-based makeup, as well as dullness-causing dead skin cells,
while maintaining moisture. Gently massage with Cleansing Wipes without rubbing: they easily
and smoothly remove even the thickest eye makeup
and foundation trapped in pores,
turning the skin translucent after each wipe.