Mandom barrier repair sheet mask moist moist 5 sheets


Size: 1.0floz(27ml) x 5 Rich moisturizing essence wraps skin with a moisturizing veil. Contains highly-absorbing, nano Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen, leaving skin firm and elastic.

Melancholy essence solution penetrates deep into the stratum corneum and moisture repair
Adult skin care to scare skin and gentleness
Dry fine wrinkle is not noticeable with moisture effect *


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About the product
  • Thick essence reaches deep in skin cells to moisturize skin. for a delicate skin. Preservative-free, no colorant, and no fragrance
  • How To Recommended use: 1-2 times per week After washing face, remove mask from bag and spread open. Press onto entire face. Leave in place for 5-10 minutes
  • Peel mask off and massage any remaining lotion on face into skin. Application of Mandom Barrier Repair facial mask provides sufficient moisturizing;



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