Curel Lip Care Balm 4.2G , ,


Product description

[Moisturizing Ceramide Care]
Can be used as a foundation for lipstick too
For great skin 365 days of the year
From damaged hard skin to plump smooth lips

Seals moisture in your lips preventing cracks and damage
Contains moisture permeating ceramide functional components*1, moisture retaining components from plant sources*2 and jojoba oil, with the thin keratin layer of the lips in mind. Fully permeates the keratin layer of the lips, and prevents chapped and rough skin.
Adheres tightly while firmly locking in the lips’ moisture, due to the adhesive coating formula. Smooths rough skin and protects against external stimulation.
Prevents lip damage and cracks. Contains anti-inflammatory agents (active ingredient.)
A gentle stick type for dry and sensitive lips.
* 1 Hexadecyloxy PG hydroxyethyl hexadecanamide
* 2 Lauryol glutamate (phytosteryl/octyldodecyl).
* “Moisture permeating ceramide care”: ceramide action effectively provides moisture replenishment.

A lip cream made for those with dry, sensitive easily irritated skin
No artificial colors
Alcohol-free (no ethyl alcohol)
○Allergy tested*
○Patched tested on people with dry and sensitive skin*
[Patch test: A test to check for a reaction from the skin]
* Allergic reactions may still occur.


Usage notes
● Do not leave in direct sunlight or high temperature.
● After eating, etc., please wipe around the mouth before using.
● Do not use when there are abnormalities such as scratches and eczema.
● If you notice irritation, itching, etc., stop using immediately and consult a doctor. Symptom may get worse if you keep using it.
● Please keep out of reach of children.