Kracie Skin beauty Moisture Penetration Facial Mask (Super Moist) ,

Total skin care brand leading to healthy and beautiful skin。


● Seat mask series that special care can be easily selected by skin trouble separately
● Select “Seat × Beauty Solution” which is most suitable for each skin trouble
● A lot of moisturizing care of beauty fluid with toro-and rich that leads to moist and glutinous skin
● Beautiful skin unique “Beautiful skin texture ingredient Ex (star fruit * 1 ・ coix extract ・ yuzu ceramide * 2 · Toukinsenka ・ glycerin)” (skin care ingredient) combination. Guide your skin to a clean texture and approach skin problems
● Permeation promoting ingredient “Rice fermented liquid” blended. Along with the moisturizing effect, it increases the penetration into the stratum corneum.
● moisturizing ingredient “hyaluronic acid”, moisture veil ingredient (moisturizing) “golden silk GL * 3” combination
● plenty of essence 25mL
● July penetrate! We adopt waffle sheet
● No fragrance, no color
● Allergy tested * 4
* 1: Gorenshi fruit extract
* 2: Yuzu fruit extract
* 3: Hydrolyzed silk, glycerin
* 4: It does not mean that all people do not have an allergy.