Kose – Clear Turn Oriental Plant Extracts Black Mask – 1Box For 5pcs ,

Major Ingredients:
Water · Ethanol · BG · DPG · Glycerin · PCA-Na · Ougon Root Extract · Touki Root Extract · Hot Spring Seed Extract · Hot Spring Water · Soy Milk Fermentation · EDTA-2Na · (Acrylates / Alkyl Acrylate (C10-30)) Cross Polymer · Isostearic acid PEG-50 hydrogenated castor oil · erythritol · citric acid · dimethicone · triethylhexanoin · hydroxypropyl methylcellulose · hydroxylated sodium · ethyl paraben · phenoxyethanol · methyl paraben


Tighten while moisturizing your skin.
Soy Milk Fermentation Extract GL, delicative ingredients (Scutellaria japonica extract) formulation.
The penetrating essence containing plenty of moisture also tightens the skin around the pores, and it freshes to the skin.
Wanhan plant extract keeps healthy skin.
Mimpaki hot spring water, natural moisturizing factor GL formulation.
Preparing the condition of the skin with the power of Japanese vegetable plant spared by rich nature.
100% spot-borne soft coal black adsorption sheet.
Essential liquid permeates penetratingly with close contact feeling.
Prepare it like plump skin like a hot water.
How to use:

Use on clean skin after cleansing.
After using the mask, keep your skin with milky lotion, cream etc.
You can warm it by floating for about 5 minutes in a bathtub of about 40 degrees while leaving it in a bag, or you can use it by chilling in a refrigerator.
Remove the mask from the bag, pull the Mimi and spread the mask.
Fold the eyes of the sheet outward.
Position the eyes first, then align the mouth, then place it on the whole face, gently tighten the skin so that no air enters and tightly adhere to the skin.
If you care about your eyes, close your eyes as closely as you folded back at the end.
When you use on your eyes, be sure to close your eyes to prevent liquid from entering your eyes.
If you use contact lenses, remove it beforehand.
Leave the mask as it is after about 10 minutes.
It is more effective if you apply the essence remaining on your skin with your palm.