Kobayashi EYEBON STANDARD 500mL Medicated Eye Wash Liquid Japan ,

● Attention of safekeeping and handling
(1) I screw a cap tightly in the cool place which isn’t exposed to the direct sunlight and put it in a box, and, Tamotsu. Do a pipe.
(2) keep in the place an infant doesn’t reach.
(3) the thing which isn’t replaced in other containers (The quality causes a misuse, and changes.)
(4) don’t share an eyewashing cup with other people.


Contents: 500ml

Brand: Kobayashi Pharmaceutical

● Kobayashi Eye-bon Eye Wash Liquid washes, soothes and cleanses tired, irritated and uncomfortable eyes.
Rinse out protein stains and dust that are visible, make it refreshing.
● Moist feeling continues
● Hyaluronic acid Na formulation
● No preservatives*
* Antiseptic refers to benzalkonium chloride, paraben, etc.
● For eye washing, eye disease prevention
Corneal protective component, anti-inflammatory component combination