Kanebo – Kate Lash Maximizer Base ,


Fix and hold the gathering function curve born from hair research.
Fix the curve with the inside of the eyelashes and the outside double “Curve Memory Prescription”.
Worked on the inside and outside of the eyelashes, keeping a beautiful curve shape.
“Inner fixation” penetration system curve fixer component (malic acid / naphthalenesulfonic acid Na).
Keeping the curve with ingredients penetrating into the eyelashes.
“Outer fixing” curve coating component (microcrystalline wax).
Light wax fixes the eyelashes to a supple curve.
Containing realistic fiber.
Combines black fibers like two eyelashes.
Combined with the eyelashes, the volume & long effect as if it had increased hair.
Curve storage wax.
Keep the angle of the curve firmly, hard to bleed, keep the beautiful upward eyelashes.
Water proof type strong against sweat, water, sebum.
Eyelash repair ingredients: olive oil.