Japan S.T. Corporation On Style 40°C Warm Belly Paste 5pcs



1. Strip the protective lining on the side with the film

2. Sticking to the outside of underwear


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Brand: Japan S.T. Corporation

Product: On Style 40°C Warm Belly Paste

Country of Origin: Japan

Range: Abdomen

Volume: 5pcs

Expiry Date: 1-3 Years (continuous fever for 5 hours) manufacture number on package

Features & Benefits

-Relieve aunt’s pain, relieve lumbar muscle strain, can also warm the stomach, a pack of multi-purpose, with it is warm for a day

– In addition to your own use, it is also recommended to buy for the elderly at home.

-Climbing, camping, physiology, work fatigue, shoulder and neck pain can be used

-Size: 13 cm × 7 cm

-Tighten your stomach and waist tightly

-Thin type, temperature of about 40 ° C for 12 hours, stable temperature rise

-Improve blood circulation

— Warm before going to bed, remove the cold in the body

-Good for assisting body circulation, metabolism

-For women, proper maintenance of the navel not only benefits the function of the viscera, but also has a good auxiliary effect on the improvement of menstruation and dysmenorrhea.


– Do not use while sleeping

– Please do not stick directly to the skin

– Please pay attention to low temperature burns

– Do not use excessive force to avoid rupture of the inner bag

-Do not drink

-Do not place in high temperature or direct sunlight

-Please be careful not to touch your eyes or skin when using

-Please keep out of reach of children. Avoid eating

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