Hyaluronic Acid Essence 10ml taiyou-no-aloe Japan Import ,

✓”Sun and Aloe company hyaluronic acid” is a beauty liquid made by highly-pure hyaluronic acid made in Japan which is obtained by microbial fermentation refining from lactic acid bacteria using by biotechnology. The product including medium component does not use animal-derived and genetically modified materials ✓All ingredients: Water, hyaluronic acid Na, phenoxyethanol (0.4%), methylparaben (0.1%)


A water solution including hyaluronic acid.
By mixing it with face lotion and serum, masks or shampoo, you can hydrate your skin, hair and body.
How to use:

How to make basic lotion containing hyaluronic acid (example):
Purified water: 100cc
Hyaluronic acid: 5ml
Glycerin: 5ml
Put the above ingredients in a container, shake well, and mix well to make it.
In addition, it can be used for body care, hair care, lip care.
Hyaluronic acid is superior in moisture retention and it is said to be able to hold 6 liters of moisture in 1 gram.
It is said that hyaluronic acid is excellent in moisture retention.