House of Rose Oh! Baby Body Smoother-PINK GRAPEFRUIT & LEMONADE-350 g ,

About the product
  • Limited items only for the spring season!
  • “Oh! Baby Body Smoother N” PPINK GRAPEFRUIT & LEMONADE scent appeared!
  • Pink grapefruit adds a bittersweet to the mellow sweet and sour peculiarity unique and reproduces a refreshing scent spreading at the moment when the fruit is squeezed.
  • The scrub containing natural hot spring water (keratin soft ingredient) softens and removes the old keratin that is hardly rough.
  • Smooth the whole body, prepare smooth smooth skin. You can enjoy “fresh scent of pink grapefruit” with freshness and transparency.


What it is: Body Smoother #PINK GRAPEFRUIT & LEMONADE a body scrub that can effectively remove dead skin on any part of your body. It is suitable for all ages and contains lots of scrubbing bead and yet still gentle to skin. With only light massaging action it leaves you with smooth soft skin. Pay more attention to knees elbows and shoulders as these areas are more prone to skin roughness. It is super easy to wash off as it is not oily or gooey. Use it daily and watch your skin to become softer and smoother! After using body wash take an appropriate amount of the body scrub onto your palm. Add water and slowly lather it. Apply it onto the entire body and massage gently. Rinse off with lukewarm water.