Megurizumu Hot and Steam Eye MAsk Lavender 12 sheets


Product description

Works over eyes to approximately 104 °F, the steam. “When steam zumu hottoaimasuku” is a cosy, steam for 10 minutes and your precious eyes and eye for a warm hug. It is like a second “The Steam”. From the tension of the day to the costs and the back from dust, but for when you’re done. (Features) Steam; it feels the edge off Comfortable warm for the eyes and eye with steam. Take the mask off the eyes of moisturising feeling of the steam and water. ● Only unopened and warm Ready to use when you want warm, so before bedtime is, of course, also recommended for desk work break. With easy to use Gmade whatever posture While a side, even while sitting. Perfect to use repetitively and eye. The comfort of the steam escape. – Before Sleep, soothing lavender sage scent [HOW TO USE] (1) The bag and take out the mask. Please come to warm and ready to use. (2) Turn off the perforated, way to the ears. * Close your eyes while using. The whole face (White Face/Eyes incised on deep or under * Temperature and time are used may vary. If the temperature is low to feel the warmth in. * Depending on the environment, especially in moderate), Steam rising under heavy fire, but you can use. * EYE Pack with up to one. * After eye dropper Eyedropper, a moment later, before using. * Makeup is as usual. (Please note) For safe use, so please note these crazy days.. * YOUNG childhood, the body of the who, dementia, better for you and why haven’t enough to those around you. (Please note) And Around The Eyes And Eye Disease, Inflammation, And Swelling, eczema etc. If they’d like to use up to one. * The heat sensitive, warm feeling, the whole tone or therapy Doctor’s Hand In Marriage. Consult a doctor or pharmacist. (Use caution) · Heat if too, of stop if you feel pain or discomfort, etc., and is ready to stop using it. The eye, such as eczema, rashes and around the eye, redness, itching and the abnormal if you are after, then stop use and consult a physician. The eye mask in the top to hold your eyes for a while. Broken Mask use up to one. Heat output: check if the mask is not reusable. Heated in the microwave, up to one. Warm, sensitive skin and temporarily to redness and itching, and on the skin. (Please note) in storage up and disposal Young children, store for etc. Keep out of reach of children. Individual Bags One and heat may not work. Exposure To Direct Sunlight or in high temperatures, on top of the heat source (heating equipment, etc.). According to Local Rule, cold, dust and out of the cold.


Product introduction
Comfort time has doubled (about 20 minutes) ※ Our conventional product ratio
An eye mask that warms you with a soothing steam that your eyes keep working.
From the moment you put it on, a gentle steam of about 40 ° C gently wraps your important eyes and eyes.
It’s like an eye steam bath.
I am released from the feeling of tension all day, and I feel relaxed from the back.
Fits flexibly with a soft, stretchy eye mask.