Tofu Moritaya – Tofu Yogurt Mask Whitening ,

Moritadaya soy milk of tofu Yogurt and whitening series.
Just pack in only 5 to 10 minutes while entering the bath.
It is a face pack full of beauty ingredients.
The super hot food of the topic now and the grace of the beauty ingredient derived from the red plant are mixed in tight.
Mixed ingredients of the Tamagawa Sho Series as well as moistly with 3 types of hyaluronic acid.
It leads to the skin that is irresistibly warm.
How to use:

After washing the face once a day, take an appropriate amount (cherries 2 pieces) in hand, avoid around the eyes and mouth, stretch slightly thick enough so that the color of the skin can not be seen throughout the face.
As it is, rinse with warm water after 5-10 minutes.
After rinsing, do normal skin care.


Safety Information
Patch test · allergy tested (not all people do not have skin problems or allergies)

Reduce the formation of melanin, prevent stains and freckles. Care for the rough skin due to sunburn and condition the damaged skin.

Legal Disclaimer: PLEASE READ
・ This product is not food.・ Please be careful not to get into eyes.・ Do not use in places with skin problems such as scratches, swelling, etc.・ Please use with caution if there is any problem with your skin.・ Please be sure to firmly cover the lid after use. Keep away from heat and humidity and direct sunlight, and keep them out of reach of children.

[Active ingredient] Water-soluble placenta extract, stearyl glycyrrhetinate [Other ingredients] Soymilk fermented liquid, honey, whey (2), lactoferrin solution, royal jelly extract, iris root extract, Agetsu extract, orange juice, cuckon extract, raspberry extract, grapefruit Extract, hawthorn extract, soy bean extract, jujube extract, jujube extract (1), pineapple ceramide, hyaluronan Na-2, hydrangea extract, loquat leaf extract, jojoba oil, yuzu ceramide, water soluble collagen solution (fish origin ), Yokuinin extract, lime juice, apple extract, lemon juice, decaglyceryl myristate, polyglyceryl diisostearate, stearic acid, glyceryl triethylhexanoate, 1,2-pentanediol, BG, hydrogenated rapeseed oil al Coal, Al oxide, Citric acid, Ti oxide, Carboxyvinyl polymer, K hydroxide, hydrogenated soybean phospholipids, purified water, concentrated glycerin, anhydrous ethanol, anhydrous silica, phenoxyethanol, perfume

After washing your face, if you wet your face with lukewarm water or lotion, apply it over the entire face so thick that you can not see the skin. Wait about 5 minutes as it is. When it passes, let’s lightly drop the pack with your palm. Rinse the pack left on the face thoroughly with water or lukewarm water. After the usual care.