FANCL Mild Cleansing Oil 120ml , , , ,

Even hard to fall makeup, with zara, every square plug plugged in pores.
Cleansing oil which floats swiftly with the action of “do-it-and-off oil α” and “pores tsunruku oil” to collectively turn off.
It protects moisture and washes it, it makes less fine wrinkles less noticeable.


  • You can also use the eyelash extension with common glue (cyanoacrylate)
  • Even makeup that is hard to fall off, and even with all sorts of plugs that are stuck in the pores. Cleansing oil that quickly floats together and works off with the function of “Smooth and Off Oil α” and “Pore Slip Oil”. As it protects and cleans up moisture, it makes the small
  • wrinkles due to drying less noticeable. ※
  • ※ It has been evaluated and tested to make small wrinkles inconspicuous
  • 120 mL (about 60 times) Country of origin: Japan
  • No addition of FANCL: No preservatives, perfumes, synthetic dyes, petroleum surfactants or UV absorbers are used.

The standard for 1 amount is 2 push.

If the amount is too low, it becomes a cause of friction and skin damage. It is important to protect the amount used!

2 Make makeup and dirt gently touch

It is a good place to be able to pull it down even if it is not scratched. Spread gently without putting force.

3 Let’s rinse with water or lukewarm water.

The water temperature around human skin is recommended. Shower washing will damage your skin, so avoid if possible.