DR.Ci:Labo – Super White 377 VC-18g , ,



SUPER WHITE 377 VC is recommended for improvement on any kind of dark spots, blemish and dull skin.
The product contains an original Dr. Ci:Labo ingredient “Nano W377”.
It has binding Platinum Colloid, WHITE377, and Vitamin C derivative.
These ingredients help to deliver higher penetration to the skin and more brightening effect.
Vitamin C is added to the product, which helps skin collagen production, brightening dark spots, improving skin dullness, pore tightening and improving resilience of the skin.
Vitamin C helps the ability of WHITE377 to inhibit tyrosinase activity.

How to Use:
Wash and tone your face, take an appropriate amount and apply to the concerned area.
Apply an extra layer for more enhanced effect.
Then apply moisturizer.
Pack Size – 18g