DHC Vitamin E 20 days ,


Product introduction
DHC’s “Natural vitamin E [soy]” contains 301.5 mg of natural d-α-tocopherol, the most active vitamin E, per day. If you’re concerned about body, people who are concerned about chilling, those who tend to run out of green and yellow vegetables, it is a recommended supplement for those who want to spend their health in middle and old age.
It is said to be useful for anti-corrosion measures and cold measures as well as beauty measures. Because it is contained in a lot of pumpkins, nuts, fats and oils, it is an ingredient that tends to run out especially on diets concerned about calories. It is recommended that you supplement with a quick supplement for health because it is youthful.

※ Please enjoy in water or lukewarm water.
※ Because this product is using natural materials, there may be some differences in color tone. This is because we did not adjust the color, and there is no problem with component content or quality.

Raw materials and ingredients
Natural vitamin E [soy] Vitamin E (d-α-tocopherol) 301.5 mg per body total weight 510 mg (Content capacity 335 mg) [Main ingredient] Vitamin E containing vegetable oil [Encapsulation agent] Gelatin, glycerin