Axxzai Venus Recipe AG Drink Plus , , ,

Product Use
Cool AGDrink Plus atrefrigerator and shake well before drinking.
One bottle a day is enough and continue every day toconsumeonebox(30bottles).
Recommend to take the drink just after your bath time for a refresh , reset of your feeling.

1 box (20ml × 30 bottles)

◆The person with allergy to food, please do not have raw materials after reference.
◆By constitution, physical condition, I may not rarely match a body. In that case, please cancel drinking.
◆When one, the pregnancy under treatment or one considered to be pregnant, the whole nursing use it for illness, please talk with a doctor or a pharmacist beforehand.
◆Please save it out of reach of infants, infants.
◆Please do not drink the product that it was past the expiration date.
◆After opening, please drink immediately.
◆As a container may be damaged, please avoid heating and the freezing, the shock to a container.
◆As you may be hard to get it when contents attach to clothes, please be careful.
◆Contents ingredient may precipitate, but quality does not have any problem.
◆When I am strongly stirred up and open it, contents liquid may splash.
◆The eating habits on the basis of staple food, the main greens, vice-greens the balance of the meal.


Product Introduction
For person who wants to spend radiant days!
Drink one bottle daily.
Beauty comes from inner with 9 kinds herbs and collagen for your inner aging care.
The total number of sales for 2 years has reached 7.5 million!

The blending amount of 6 kinds of herbal mixture has been increased by 200% for you to offer more effective beauty drink.
The total number of herbs become 9 kinds which is AXXZIA’s original herbal aging care mixture as the 3rd generated product.

(Materials / Ingredients)
Collagen peptide(From fish),Erythritol,Cherry blossom processed extract, Mangosteenextract, Dextrin, Purple chrysanthemum flower extract,Maltodextrin, L-Carnitine,
Herbal processed extract(Rhodiolarosearoot,Palo Azul extract)Herbal Mixture(Houttuyniacordata, European hawthorn, chamomile, Grape leaf)/Acidifier, Fragrance,
Sweetner(AcesulfameK ,Sucralose)