Anessa Perfect UV Aqua Booster 60 mL , ,


SPF50 + / PA ++++
• Country of origin: Japan
• Contents: 60 mL
• Scent: A refreshing citrus soap scent
• Skin type: all skin types
• Formulated with 50% of super water proof skin care ingredients that have been water resistant for 80 minutes in a water bath test. It gets stronger when you touch sweat and water. Strongest * UV. Face and body sunscreen with Aqua Booster EX. You can drop it with soap. Super water proof that has been confirmed to be water resistant by a water bath test for 80 minutes. * “The strongest” means SPF 50 + · PA ++ ++, and an ansers water proof effect.

Usage notes
Please be careful not to get into eyes. If it does enter, please rinse with water or lukewarm water immediately. After use, wipe the mouth of the container clean, please close the cap properly. Keep out of reach of children. Please be careful about fire. Do not place in places where the sun hits or high temperatures. If it gets on your clothes, wash it off with detergent immediately. Avoid using chlorine bleach as it will turn pink. If you get something other than clothes, wipe it off immediately. Be careful not to stick on furniture, accessories, nails, leather products, etc., as it may lose color or be damaged. If the skin after wearing is rubbed with clothes or car seat, it may remain white, so please be careful. ※ SPF indication and PA indication of product are result of having applied and measured 2 mg per 1 cm 2 of application quantity fixed to international SPF test method and measured.